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Beta Switch Review

Losing weight is difficult enough as it is. Our bodies add to that difficulty with “problem areas”. Beta Switch diet plan by Sue Heintze focuses on one thing – getting rid of fat in lower-body problem areas.

Problem areas are those parts of your body (love handles, belly fat, etc.) where no matter how much weight you lose, you still hold fat in that area. From a biological standpoint, it makes sense – due to the structure of our skeleton, we are able to hold more fat in those areas while still being able to move around quickly and efficiently.

But for those of us in 2019 who want to look good, these problem areas can be incredibly demotivating. Even if we do everything right and see the number on the scale drop, our problem areas will still look bad.

The Beta Switch Diet Plan Why just women?

Fat cells aren’t as simple as they seem. There are two different types of receptors within each and every fat cell in your body. They’re called beta and alpha receptors.

Alpha receptors are the ones that signal your body to store the fat. You don’t want these. Beta receptors are the ones that signal your body to burn the fat. You want these.

Guess what, ladies? Women have, on average, 9x more alpha receptors in their lower bodies than men do. It’s what makes you curvy, but it’s also what contributes to excess fat. You can see this in effect by going to the beach – men tend to store fat all around their bodies, whereas in women, it bunches up in the waist area.

Beta Switch is a self-explanatory title – through the lifestyle program that Sue Heintze outlines, you will naturally increase your number of beta receptors and decrease your number of alpha receptors. The outcome is a balanced, attractive physique that you can proudly flaunt around town, at the beach, or in the bedroom.

Lifestyle? Not weight loss or exercise?

Many programs are focused on diet and exercise. They’re focused on that because diet and exercise will help you lose weight.

But losing weight isn’t the end game for most people. The end game is looking good. Losing weight will only get you so far – once you’ve reached a number that you’re happy with, you have to start attacking your problem areas to get that perfect physique.

That’s what Beta Switch is all about. This is not a program to help morbidly obese people lose weight everywhere; it’s a program to help those who need to reduce the fat around their midsections.

How to determine if Beta Switch is for you

This is a very specialized program, and it’s not for everyone. But if it is right for you, then it can be the “ah ha” program that helps you finally burn off the fat that you’ve been pinching, folding, and just wanting to get rid of overall.

Use Beta Switch if…

  1. You are a woman (duh)
  2. You want to get rid of fat around your midsection
  3. You want a natural program that doesn’t require surgery

Just take a look at your current body and imagine it without the excess fat around your midsection. Is that your dream body? If it is, pick up a copy of Beta Switch.

How to track results with Beta Switch Diet Plan

Weight loss programs are easy to track your progress with because you can just step on a scale every morning and see where you’re at. Beta Switch focuses on reducing the fat around your midsection (not just losing weight) so you have to take some extra steps to track your progress.

Instead of weighing yourself, take pictures. You’re going to want to set up an area where you can take pictures in the same lighting at the same time every day. This will ensure that you’re not getting discouraged by bad lighting or being bloated from your last meal.

If you take a picture like this every day, you’ll be able to see your day-by-day progress by comparing them. The issue with our bodies is that we’re constantly scrutinizing them on a daily basis. Even if we do make progress, we won’t notice it without concrete pictures. Compare pictures side by side every week or so to see just how much progress you’ve been making with Beta Switch.

Results to expect

Sue, the creator of the program, is a professional female bodybuilder in the bikini category.

Are you going to suddenly turn into a fitness model after using Beta Switch? Probably not. The point here is that Sue created Beta Switch because she wanted to be a professional bodybuilder, but couldn’t burn off that remaining fat around her midsection. (She’s now a personal trainer for women and puts all of her clients on the Beta Switch program immediately.)

You should expect results without the need to change your diet or increase the amount of exercise that you do. Remember, it’s a lifestyle program. She’ll give you pointers on what to do in your daily life to switch the receptors from alpha to beta, and you just have to follow those pointers to succeed.

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