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SlimR 360 Supplement

SlimR 360 supplement that helps with weight loss by working on an individual’s appetite. Overweight is mostly caused by excessive accumulation of fat. What the SlimR 360 supplement does is to reduce appetite, thereby preventing over eating which can result in weight gain. Although the supplement reduces appetite, it works alongside your current need to avoid a case of nutritional deficiency. 

Weight gain can be a result of different factors. However, the producers of this supplement have made it known that the accumulation or the burning down of fat cannot be totally attributed to genetics, diets, or even workouts. They supposed that a particular toxin present in the blood is responsible for weight retention. 

The toxin is said to affect the regulation of fat storage in this body. When this happens, burning down fat in the body becomes inefficient leading to weight gain and even obesity. Therefore accumulation of fat in certain areas in the body such as the hips, arms, and cores cannot be totally blamed on hormonal changes, genetics, and the likes.

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How Does CellGrail SlimR 360 Work?

SlimR 360 works by targeting fat buildup in the body rather than inflammation and water retention. This way, it tackles the main cause of weight gain which is the accumulation of fats.  

SlimR 360 Pills Ingredients

The ingredients used in formulating this SlimR 360 supplement are herbal meaning that they are completely natural. This chemical-free method of losing weight makes the supplement a popular one in the weight loss industry. The SlimR 360 ingredients form an herbal blend that regulates appetite and improves the metabolic rate in the body. They all work together to give the supplement’s potency in weight loss. Below you will find a list of the ingredients that make up this supplement and some of their effects in the body.

Maca root- This ingredient has a lot of benefits aside from promoting weight loss. It is rich in Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, and some other nutrients. This is also helpful in cases of hormonal imbalance, and some studies have proven it effective for regulating cholesterol levels. For an individual who has a problem with sex drive, this supplement might be very helpful because the Maca root present in it, is effective for improving sex drive. 

Guarana’s seeds- This ingredient contains theobromine and caffeine. It works well for burning down fat and its constituents cause the body to use up calories at a fast rate. 

Cha de Burge- This ingredient works actively on appetite although it can sometimes be used as a solution for cellulite. It, however, causes excessive urination when used.  

Banana Leaf- The banana leaf contains a natural acid known as Corsolic acid. It used this natural acid to rid the body of harmful sugars. 

Corsolic acid plays a huge role in relief from inflammation and the reduction of blood sugar levels. When the banana leaf is combined with green tea leaf, CarallumaFimbriata, and other ingredients, the weight loss becomes more amplified. Caralluma helps to reduce your cravings while green tea leaf offers caffeine and antioxidants. 

HoodlaGordonij- Hoodia Gordonij Cactus is another ingredient that makes users full in a short time when they eat. The signals from the brain do not allow the user to crave for more foods. 

Pomegranate- This is a fruit with lots of antioxidants that helps to get rid of harmful chemicals that may build up and affect the process of metabolism in the body

Pomegranate fruit offers a wealth of antioxidants to eliminate the toxins that can build up and interrupt the metabolism.


This is a popular ingredient used by Chinese for the cute of different ailments such as pains, hernias, skin issues, e.t.c. It contains a high level of dietary fiber known as glucomannan. This helps the user to feel full for a long period.

Guggul- This ingredient is often used in Ayurvedic medicine. It triggers the breakdown of fat and results in weight loss. The right concentration of guggul can also help reduce UTIs, acne, and several other diseases

Aside from the natural ingredients contained here, caffeine, L-theanine, the users also burn fat further 

SlimR 360 Ingredients


The benefit of SlimR 360 capsules is not limited to weight loss alone. It promotes metabolism and increases energy levels in the body. Using SlimR 360 supplement for just two days can cause a person to lose about 3 lbs. It is a natural way to lose weight and still enhance body functions at the same time.


  • SlimR 360 is a highly effective supplement that works for people that find it hard to stop their cravings as they work out.
  • Itt helps to curb bad eating habits and suppress appetite, while also encouraging users to engage in healthy eating habits.
  • The herbal ingredients in this supplement are rich in minerals and vitamins that will be of huge benefit to the body
  • It’s also a good source of antioxidants and it has been proven to be highly effective for weight loss.


  • A bottle of this supplement is quite expensive.

Purchasing SlimR 360

The cost of purchasing SlimR 360 depends solely on how long and how often they want to continue with the supplement. 

For instance, the total cost of a bottle is $57. To save more, you can choose the three-month package which costs only $150. With this plan, you save an extra $7 for every month on the package. 

The best savings is to go for the six-bottle package which is sold for $270. This means that each bottle costs only $45.

Also, when a buyer ships only one bottle, they will be paying more for the cost of shipping.

Also, the purchase of the product comes with additional gifts. One of these gifts is an e-book titled ” Guide to a Slim Life”

Then, there is another ebook that a buyer is entitled to which is titled “100 Weight Loss Super Tricks'”

Each of these books has numerous benefits. In the first book, the secret of a healthier life will be discussed by various professionals including fitness instructors, nutritionists, e.t.c. The second book contains numerous tips that users can incorporate in their fitness schedule.


The cause of weight gain varies among individuals and so does the method employed in losing weight. Overeating may be a cause for weight gain in some people, hormonal fluctuations may be the cause for others, a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet – all factors that contribute to weight gain. 

 If you desire to lose weight naturally then you should go for the SlimR 360 supplement. It will help you keep a tab on your appetite, maintain feeding at a reasonable level, boost energy level, and increase metabolism. Having your desired shape and size might not be as difficult as you think it is.

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